Wednesday, June 23, 2010

final pics. Back to real life soon.

This motorcycle has one of the first v6 engines on it. It set an unofficial land speed record of 135 miles per hour in 1926. The only protection the man driving it had was a leather jacket.

Stuff and Junk from the Aerospace museum. It was sick. In the good way. I'm going to miss this city. For the past two days I have been at a retirement home, old decrepit people surrounding me and giving me glares of contempt. My Grandmother says it's because the two women I'm meeting are related to me. I'm not sure how, and frankly I'm not having much fun. Other than visiting Monticello. That was really cool. Also the two women have amazing backstories which are a delight to listen to. One of them has literally thousands of slides of six years spent touring India as an ambassador in the late sixties. She gave me some slide she didn't want and they are gorgeous, to say the least. She has photos of temples that don't even exist anymore.
I'm not sure thinking about it now whether, I like or dislike this place. Regardless it will feel good to go home and interact with people my age.